TLI at a Spanish TV Programme

July, 2020

Video of the interview

Giving visibility to a profession so unknown and – at the same time discreet – is also our wish. We are much international professionals who work from behind the scenes to make our clients / bosses shine.

This is a highly attractive profession, high demanding, very well paid, wrapped in a very attractive lifestyle, and not easy to practice, so it requires a high performing and exhaustive preparation.

After +25 years practicing this profession for great fortunes, our postgraduate program reflects everything you need to know to be a Personal Assistant and become a Personal Angel®.

Thanks to the direction of the Spanish TV Program for the bet, to journalist Elia Gonzalo -amazing reporter who has understood and illustrate it- and to the team lead by Mr. Raul Prieto for choosing to broadcast it.

There are many people behind the camera to make it come true, thanks for all the support and well doing. We continue to offer you more and better – if possible.

Thank you.