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Backstage behind the scenes is
where my place is…

… and I like it because it makes me Powerful

Dedicating yourself to Personal Assistance is a profession that although requires being in contact with many people from different fields and cultures, it is carried out in solitude. In general, and for reasons of maximum confidentiality and discretion, work is carried from the top of the companies, without the support of internal work and in the area of personal life, for the families and people are assisted, it is also carried out from absolute solitude.

If we add this to some other usual characteristics, like having to know everything in fashion, and staying up to date with everything that happens in the world and having contacts everywhere, even if we have never stepped there before, the case is that some management is required from someone who can be trusted 100%, therefore, having a wide network of contacts is key.

Join the PERSONAL ANGEL INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY to find out exactly what is going on in our industry from peers. The group will provide you with endless networking opportunities, access to a range of events throughout the year, exclusive industry news, updates, discussions and hot topics direct from our Editor Team. Share information, ask questions and connect with other professionals within the industry.

We will also share a bibliography, contacts, references and many other resources that are essential to practice our profession at the highest level of efficiency.

Once a year we will propose a meeting someone where in the world so that you can escape, share knowledge, contact and experiences.

If you wish to join our Community of high-class International PAs, send us an email to powerpa[AD] 

We look forward to greeting you!