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Escalators are made so you can climb faster


Academic ability and potential as shown by grades or equivalent tests and examinations. 

Evidence of relevant personal, professional, and educational experience.  A copy of academic credentials (Degree, final official transcript for the full degree program). (*)

Postgraduate Diploma applications from non-degree holders with extensive documented work experience will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Non-degree holders may qualify for a Professional Development Diploma, not a Postgraduate Diploma.

Motivation to study in the chosen modality and clearly defined career objectives. 

Leadership potential and personal achievement and interests.

Work experience is preferred but not required for the full-time and 4×4 modalities.

Must be proficient in English for higher education studies. English language exam scores (issued in the last 12 months) are required from candidates who are not native English speakers, or who have not spent the last two years in full-time English education.

Uniqueness and contribution to the TLI’s mission and listen to your future goals!

Minimum age: 21 

(*) The school accepts documents in English. If not, an official notarized translation in English will be required.


With the aim of presenting our school and the Postgraduate courses that we offer, we invite you to attend one of the Open Sessions that we organize periodically:

Our online OPEN SESSIONS are scheduled EVERY TUESDAY (in English) at 19h00 (CET) 

If you would like to participate, just send an email to wannafly[AD] and we will contact you will the available dates.

We would love to meet you and listen to your future goals!