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Being a PA requires a lot to give.
But, in return, you always get double ...

For more than 25 years, I have been assisting the most demanding clients of the social elite, attending to their needs, organizing their personal and family lives, and learning from their culture and lifestyle. Since I founded Alberta La Grup in Barcelona the first and one-of-its-kind agency offering Personal Assistance Services, it changed my life. It is my passion and my lifestyle. I propose you an investment to an amazing future within the exclusive Lifestyle Management Culture for the social elite.

Together with the valuable selected group of professors– high-class professionals on their fields with an excellent network of professional connections- we wanted to share the experience we have accumulated over the years and so, we have created The Lifestyle Institute to comprehensively train the best professionals who will manage the lives of the 1%, to become authentic Personal Angels, the alter ego that only the most precise people have: Their Valuable Time.

But our mission will continue as we will be driving success in the classroom, and beyond. Thanks to our unique Career Programme, from your first day in the school, you actually start your career as a PA.

Looking forward to welcoming you in our school  and sharing with you an exciting profession that requires a lot to give, but in return you always get double.

With my kind regards,

Lourdes Carbó

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