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Pure Editorial

Strictly editorial. No one pays or can pay to be included.

The anecdotes, places, stories and experiences that our team write about are based on real life; for confidentiality motives, names of places and people, and other personal data are changed.

If there is a theme that you would like that we investigate or write about, send us an email with the proposal and the editorial team will study the feasibility.

The deep mystery of what we are

Divine Women - a new Documentary Series -by Lucas Jatobá-, about the return of the Divine Feminine energy.
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PA ‘s dixit

My name is Cristina and I’m a PA. This is how I present myself, with my name and my profession, which is part of
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The Lifestyle Institute is born, a pioneering school for the creation of a Personal Assistant, Concierge service and Lifestyle.

The Lifestyle Institute was born in Barcelona to train the Personal Assistants of the 21st century. Students who start their training and professionals who
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PA: Personal Assistant, Personal Angel

A different philosophy. “Without a doubt, our philosophy of work is different.” Lourdes Carbó claims. by Elena Castelló | Editorial Alberta La Grup |
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What is a Personal Assistant?

“Many clients don’t want to seem rich, but rather express their personality and feel emotions.”  Gilles Lipovetsky, in the introduction to La fórmula del lujo (The Luxury
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Personal Assistant

Mayordomos del S.XXI

“No oirá nada ni verá nada, sólo servirá”.  “El mayordomo” Lee Daniels (2013) por Elena Castelló | editorial Alberta La Grup | Febrero 2020 El
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21st Century Butlers

“They won’t hear anything, nor see anything, only serve”. The Butler” (2013) – Lee Daniels by Elena Castelló | Editorial Alberta La Grup | February
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