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TLI board of trustees

The Lifestyle Institute’s Advisory Committee is made up of a group of experts in different fields in order to provide their knowledge, which together with academics include luxury, wellbeing, business, marketing, philosophy, hospitality, sociology and some others of international scope, not only throughout the launching process, but in the future as well.

TLI is a private school, which issues a private school certificate. In order to guarantee its reputation, and implement policies and guidelines that require the high level services that we impart, TLI has established a Board of Trustees. This board administrates the criteria, strategy and guidelines that are required, as well as ensures the compliance of the policies, mission, and the procurement of financial resources, that thus fulfil the objectives of TLI. 

The Board of Trustees is a non-remunerative post and it holds quarterly meetings to conduct any and all business.

Distinguished Members will be posted soon.