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Sponsors of TLI

THE LIFESTYLE INSTITUTE is an institution that aims to put itself at the services of companies and professionals so that they can participate and get feedback from the studies of trends that will be analyses in our Observatory and B2B activities. 

It is for this reason that we have opened our doors to whoever wants to offer support to TLI. Business and Individuals that would like to collaborate with our project and who will obtain a series of benefits and advantages.

There are several ways to participate in our programme of Sponsors, ranging from special conditions for a certain number of capsules, active participation in our Masterclass, or membership for the Advisory Committee Board.

The Board meets two times a year and is made up of the top representatives of the sponsoring companies. Its purpose is to promote the participation of civil society in the smooth running of the B2B activities of the Lifestyle Observatory: TLI LAB.

Contact us at h[AD] and will will send our dossier of the 

Give Me’5 Programme