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Alberta La Grup, sister company of TLI 

Alberta La Grup selected among the best Luxury Lifestyle Agencies worldwide by Spear’s Magazine 2023.

Listed as one of the TOP 5 Luxury Lifestyle Agencies by Global Magazine Awards 2016 and among the Top 4 Luxury Agencies by Luxury Portfolio International 2017.

Welcome to TLI

Where education combines
knowledge, creativity
and lifestyle.

Postgraduate PA

We provide one-of-its-kind world-class training for first-rate Personal Assistants, facilitating the competencies, skills, abilities and expertise required to assist to the most demanding clients around the world, making them Personal Angels.

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PRO Program

Our PRO Program has been designed for profiles with previous experience as an executive assistant & / or personal assistant and wishes to increase their knowledge only in the most relevant areas of the personal assistance in the luxury service.

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Observatory: LAB Lifestyle Culture

We have developed a Laboratory to analyse TRENDS, conduct MARKET RESEARCH and design EXPERIENCES in which we share intelligent tools that will allow the most important brands in the luxury and lifestyle industry to grow and to find global perspectives.

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You can now listen to the #SmartConnections podcast with Lourdes Carbó

CEO of The Lifestyle Institute and Alberta La Grup | lifestyle experiences

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