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Design, Decide and
Enjoy Your Lifestyle

‘Pills of knowledge’ of similar duration to 2 hours, 4 hours or a complete day for specialization in different disciplines around the Lifestyle field.

We are the first institute of Lifestyle Studies in Europe, from the cultures and ethics of luxury, how to become a concierge or the ‘Omotenashi’ hospitality service, to social etiquette for kids and the art of giving. It has been founded not just to provide knowledge on +100 disciplines for the general public, but also to train the domestic service and customer service professionals in new skills to offer an outstanding service.

The list of ‘Pills of Knowledge’ includes up to 172 amazing capsules distributed in 3 different areas:


All the subjects that you have always wanted to learn, that you could not find in your city or simply that don’t exist. From ‘How to Start an Art Collection’, or ‘How to Create your Foundation’, to ‘Acquiring Tools to Live with Simplicity and Optimize Resources’ or ‘Creating Paper Sculptures’.


For the teams and professionals of Service, Hospitality, and Ethics, for those who sell in the luxury sector, and much more. Improve your communication and relationship with clients and the achievement of excellence in service.


Courses, workshops and conferences with professional experts that help us will the challenge of living, and to ‘Go through life in a full and conscious way’.

all-year Calendar
+100 Capsules of Knowledge

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