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Welcome TO TLI

Where education combines
knowledge, creativity
and lifestyle.


We provide one-of-its-kind world-class training for first-rate Personal Assistants, facilitating the competencies, skills, abilities and expertise required to assist to the most demanding clients around the world, making them Personal Angels.

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We are the pioneer school in Europe for LIFESTYLE Studies: from the “Omotenashi” concept of hospitality service, cultures of luxury, ethics in luxury and how to become a concierge to social etiquette for kids, how to sleep well, how to create your own art collection or the art of giving. It has been founded not just to provide knowledge on +150 disciplines for the general public, but also to train the domestic service in new skills and to show professionals the importance of always offering outstanding customer service.

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Observatory : LAB Lifestyle Culture

We have developed a Laboratory to analyse TRENDS, conduct MARKET RESEARCH and design EXPERIENCES in which we share intelligent tools that will allow the most important brands in the luxury and lifestyle industry to grow and to find global perspectives.

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Love Yourself Enough